Skoda Fabia - MOT failure passenger door lock - leaveittodadtosortout

My daughther's Fabia (03 reg) has failled its MOT on account of the passenger'side rear door not opening (locking/unlocking) with the fob or driver control. It can be opened with the handle or by lifting the lock button.

Other problem-

Can this really be a reason to fail? How can this problem be fix?

Also can someone tell me where the fuse for the ABS pump is located as the light is on?

I would like to check it before starting looking at the sensor on the wheels!

Thanks for your help.

Skoda Fabia - MOT failure passenger door lock - elekie&a/c doctor

If the door can be opened manually from both the inside and outside handles,I cannot see how this constitutes a fail,the fact that the electrical lock does not work is immaterial.As far as the abs is concerned,I would get a diagnostic check done on the system to verify the fault.If the problem is related to pump motor,then I would check the fuses on top of the battery.There is a metal strip fuse (50 amp from memory)that can suffer a hairline fracture.If thsi is the fault,you will still need diag equipt to clear the abs ecu memory.hth


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