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I've searched for a thread on this, but thousands of suggestions have come up, none of the ones I've read are in any way relevant.

Does anyone know if it's possible to get hold of a copy of the driver's manual for my Astra, and if so, from where? - the previous owner didn't have one, and I think it's something I really could do with.
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Yep it's easy.... just pop down the local car breakers and look in the glovebox of vehicles like yours. I would say over 50% still have the handbook in them.

Pay £1/£2. "Girls" often will get given them if some friendly cheek is used.

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It is a Vauhall part and can be ordered thru a dealer. You don't say how old your Astra is but a call at a dealer would be a good start. 2nd bet could be a breaker who might collect them out of smahed cars and keep them in the office. If you search e bay there are two Astra manuals for sale, one is for post '98 models and is £4.99. Good luck!
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Good grief, that was quick!!

Thanks, MM and AS, I'll see if I can locate a breaker first. Astra is 1992 though, btw, so I'm guessing that there won't be too many old manuals lying around - so may end up ordering via dealer, if they still have such old ones available.
Thanks again!
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Last year I wanted an owners manual for the 1993 Ford Fiesta that my Dad had just purchased. Tried local Ford Main Dealer they told me they were now out of print. They suggested that I tried Ford Customer Helpline as they kept copies of obsolete manuals.

This I did and, after being redirected to another (premium rate) telephone number I spoke to a very helpful chap who sent me the exact version of the manual that I wanted. Although a premium rate call, I wasn't on for longer than a couple of minutes, and I guess these things have to be paid for somehow!

Manual came the next day by first class post. You couldn't receive better service.

Perhaps Vauxhall might have a similar scheme. Well worth asking, I should think.
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You could try giving Dixon's (no not the electrical store) a ring?
Or goto and email them to see if they can help source one for you.

driver's manuals - HF
Galaxy & DD,

Thanks, I'll try what you both suggest.

>>(no not the electrical store)

Lucky you mentioned that, you *know* I'd have been on the phone to the local shop, don't you?

HF ;)

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