Clunking noise and judder on the steerin - Henry03
My 96 Fiat Ulysse 1.9 TD has now been into the garage 3 times for a problem with the steering, it makes a clunking noise and the steering wheel almost jumps from one side to the other.
It has had a new track rod and power assisted steering pump fitted and the problem is still there.
It is intermittent and usually get worse the longer it is driven when the clunking noise becomes continuous. The steering wheel then judders and it feels unsafe to drive. The problem is worse at speeds between 25 and 40 mph. The garage keeps on telling me that they are unable to replicate the problem. Any ideas?
Clunking noise and judder on the steerin - M.M
Long shot...

I've known of similar symptoms caused by a driveshaft joint failing and "binding up". This could be a time related problem related to heat in a dry joint. It does make a dreadful vibration/noise and the vehicle feels terrible.

It could also be loads of other things, that's just one idea from me.

Clunking noise and judder on the steerin - Dizzy {P}

Intermittent vibrations that become more prevalent on longer journeys are often brake-related. I suggest that you feel the temperature of the front wheels after the problem has shown itself for a few miles.

If one wheel is warmer than the other, this almost certainly indicates a brake fault. If so, it is likely to be a sticking caliper piston which is not returning fully and is causing the brake pad to rub on the disc. The rubbing of the pad on the disc creates heat which makes the piston expand and hence makes the binding more severe. Brake discs always run a little 'out of true' so any binding is 'on-off' and a severe vibration is the result, sometimes accompanied by the steering pulling to one side.

If this is what has happened, it may have been caused by the rubber sealing boot on the piston being misplaced and allowing corrosion to build up on the piston. It is usually possible to clean off the corrosion without harming the piston but this is a D-I-Y job that you would be wise to carry out under the instructions of a workshop manual.

I hope this helps.


Clunking noise and judder on the steerin - Dizzy {P}
Any news on this, Henry?
Clunking noise and judder on the steerin - dieselfreak
I had a similair intermittent fault on a old Golf, first time it happened I thought I was going to run off the road, replicating it was nigh on impossible, eventually it was diagnosed as the collapse of an engine mount, which allowed vibration to be transmitted through the engine to the wheels. As it was an old banger I just scrapped it, so the diagnosis was never testedd


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