Golf 1.6se - Ravster
I've got the above (March 2002), an import to UK spec with 6000 miles on the clock in metallic paint. Any ideas on what I could sell it for and should I focus on the private buyer?

I'm not too sure on what I should ask for it as it's an import.
Golf 1.6se - Dynamic Dave
6000 miles on the clock in metallic paint.

Strange, my mileage is in LCD format ;o)
Golf 1.6se - DavidHM
If you want to shift it quickly you might have to go as low as £9,500 - you can get brand new, UK spec 1.6S models for £11k (or you could). Otherwise I reckon £10,500 tops. Anyone got any other suggestions though?

The problem is that, for mainstream cars at this money, there aren't likely to be too many takers as most buyers will want someone to sort out finance and part exchange for them; I know it's usually much cheaper to do it yourself but that doesn't seem to be how the market works. Good luck.

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