Golf Mk2 mileometer stopped.... - Paul 74
The mileometer on my Mk2 Golf has stopped working and although it sounds like a good thing, it's not ideal! Anyone know of a likely problem and am I really going to have to take out the steering wheel and dash to get to it?

Golf Mk2 mileometer stopped.... - Dave_TD
Probably a speedo cable breakage, you shouldn't have to take the steering wheel off to get the instruments out though, they normally come out with a bit of jiggling about. The awkward bit of this job is normally threading the new cable through the bulkhead.
Speedo cable shouldn't be much more than a tenner to buy.
Golf Mk2 mileometer stopped.... - Paul 74
speedo still works though, it's just the mileometer and trip meter that have given up the ghost..
Golf Mk2 mileometer stopped.... - Tim Allcott
Aaah : does sound like a cog somewhere, then:
Taking the instruments out is a bit of a wrestling match, I did mine two weeks ago (Mfa was dead)you need to take your radio out, heater controls, and all of your switches to access all of the securing screws, there are 8 I think.
What model is your golf?
If you want a replacement speedo you could have mine (speedo works, it's just the Mfa that doesn't) for the cost of postage.
Email me directly if you want to discuss this further



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