Sat Nav - Mark (RLBS)
Can you fit aftermarket SatNav, kind of along the lines of the system that the Mercedes have ?

Any idea who I would talk to ?

Sat Nav - Keith S
Car Audio specialists would be the best place to start.
Sat Nav - Mark (RLBS)
Really ? I'm surprised.

And how do I know which is a good one ?
Sat Nav - Keith S
I think you can get sat nav, that fits into the radio slot in the dash, acting as a radio as well.

I haven't really looked into them (I don't do enough driving in unfamiliar areas)so I wouldn't know what to look out for.

I think I even seen one in halfords car audio section.
Sat Nav - Humpy
I've looked around at some models. Some have a large screen that folds out of a unit that is a regular cassette deck size. One Blaupunkt unit just has a smaller screen on the facia of a standard unit. Either way you're looking at the best part of a grand!
Sat Nav - Humpy
Try these, some are handheld units, i know, some are dash mounted -
Sat Nav - Humpy
Sat Nav - Dynamic Dave
Mark, IIRC, don't you visit Oxfordshire now and again? If so, try Marston Autoparts in Marston, Headington. 01865 761668. IMHO, best ICE dealers in Oxfordshire.
Sat Nav - Mark (RLBS)

Does ICE include SatNav ? If so, where is Marston near ?

Having looked at the websites recommended by others, I am deeply confused. I obviously need to go and have a look at these things in person.

I want the easy entry, large display, talking one that I had in the ML - I thought it was going to be easy, but its got all technical and difficult on me.

Sat Nav - MGspannerman

I currently have a "SmartNav" system fitted to my car. This is a product from Trafficmaster who also make traffic monitoring products (they manage the blue poles at the side of roads with camera thingies on top). It is a combination of GSM phone, satellite navigation and traffic monitoring technologies. All you have in the car is a discrete, single button which controls the system. Best of all is that when you press the button you get through to a call centre and a real person who then sorts out your route, either where you want to go or perhaps a cash machine, nearest McDonalds etc etc. The system downloads a route to the car and a voice then directs you. Best of all it steers you round traffic jams, roadworks etc. As the digital map is held on the server at the call centre then it is very much more up to date than the CD in a conventional satnav set up and the traffic monitoring is live. I believe they are bringing one out soon with a screen and there is an obvious possibility to put speed cameras on the map as well. It costs about £500 to install and then a subscription or cost per call thereafter. great system, and very good at night for example.

Hoep this helps, MGs
Sat Nav - Mark (RLBS)
Sounds interesting.

How well does it manage if you go wrong ?

Sat Nav - MGspannerman
Should you not follow the instructions, take a wrong turn or pull off at the services for example, then it tells you that you have gone off route, recalculates a new route and then tells you that you are back on the new route and off it goes again. In an extreme circumstance it will suggest a U turn but I have found it mostly finds a way through. I have learnt that even if it apparently takes you in the wrong direction and you think you know better there is usually a reason for this. I ended up in a major roadworks jam due to this, next time I followed the instructions and it took me round it.

Sat Nav - Dynamic Dave
Does ICE include SatNav ?

I would have thought so. Try looking at their website, under the search option, looking for either satellite, or navigation. There are quite a few listed. Might be worth phoning them on the number I posted earlier.
If so, where is Marston near?

Headington. Just down the road from the John Ratcliffe Hospital.
Sat Nav - Mark (RLBS)
Well, Oxford Car Audio as recommended by Dynamic Dave was exactly the right place to go.

Given that I knew nothing about SatNav it was very nice to be taught. They were patient, objective and extremely helpful. And they really know their stuff. They spent ages talking me through the various features and choices, explaining the implications of the choices and the usefulness, or not, of the various features.

They even took me out in the Boss\'s car since they had to make a delivery and it had got the SatNav system I wanted fitted.

So, bought from them, and it goes back to be fitted in a week. And there was no way I was even going to try to fit it after they explained it to me - complicated or what !!

I bought the Becker Traffic Pro. All the normal navigation stuff plus it includes monitoring and rerouting around accidents/roadworks/delays. Covers 19 europeran countries. And, if it matters, you can set its voice to male or female. Basically its got everything one of these could have as far as I can see.

The Radio and CD player also seemed to be very good quality/sound and certainly had all the normal functions plus a few.

Only pain was that it is not compatible with my current CD changer so I had to get a new one of those. Not major, since the one out of my car will go in Adriana\'s, just a bit of a pain.

It looks *really* good and I think its going to be useful I\'ll let you know after its been fitted and used for a few days.
Sat Nav - Dynamic Dave
Mark, glad my suggestion was helpful. Of course Oxford Car Audio are (or were) to the rear of the shop "Marston Autoparts" I haven't been up there for a while - it's glad to know their service is still excellent. They did the same thing where they took me out to one of employees cars to demonstrate the Stereo CD system I was interested in buying.
Sat Nav - Mark (RLBS)
They're still there and they wanted to know your name, since I mentioned that you had recommended the place to me. I trust you didn't mind that I gave it ?

I really must buy you that pint.
Sat Nav - Dynamic Dave
They're still there and they wanted to know your name, I
trust you didn't mind that I gave it ?

Not at all, but no doubt said "who?" when you mentioned my name. Don't think I was ever on name terms with them. I haven't been up for some 18 months, but know a couple of people who can't keep away from the place. When you're next there, mention the name "Steve Dolan" He's a mate who's another ICE expert, and I believe Ox Car Audio still advertise on his website, (soz for free plug, but it is motor related)
I really must buy you that pint.

There really is no need, but cheers.
Sat Nav - NWS
Dare we ask how much?
Sat Nav - Mark (RLBS)
>>Dare we ask how much?

Best part of a thousand quid for the Sat Nav, plus some more for a new CD changer and fitting.

They did have others of many different types, sizes and prices, but this one suited me.

I certainly endorse Dave's recommendation of using them for ICE. Especially if, like me, you know squat all about the stuff.
Sat Nav - NWS
You must have it to burn. I'll stick to my annual purchase of a £1.99 road atlas.
Sat Nav - Mark (RLBS)
but your atlas has no flashing lights or buttons that go beep !! Clearly inadequate for the job - I firmly believe that a man can't have too many flashing lights and buttons. It just a shame that cars are so complex these days that there is nothing to jam my screwdriver in or hit with a hammer.

I love being male, you don't have to grow up and you get to play with loads of neat toys.
Sat Nav - Phil I
Grand daughters current favourite toy is plastic - has flashing leds of different colours + 5 different toned beeps - cost 3.99 (from lidls) so plus NWS atlas at 1.99 I think you have change of £996. to spend on more big boys toys.

Not everyone is a good map reader.
Sat Nav - smokie
Larger branches of Halfords have satnav equipment alongside the ICE equipment, but I wouldn't depend on their sales staff for any technical input.
Sat Nav - DavidHM
Plus they're expensive. Local branch has only one in stock, a Blaupunkt for £1k that (which also has a branch local to me) has for £700.
Sat Nav - smokie
Just sat through Maggie Philbin's 10 minute video of SmartNav, it looks very impressive (the device, not her). I particularly like the re-routing around congestion, with the perennial M25 problems I seem to encounter.

They have optional ways of charging you. The device itself is a reasonable price (£499) plus £100/£125 fitting and a route can either be bought for 0.89p a time, or an annual subs of £120 for up to 4 routes a day, or £350 for 4 years.

Routes can be downloaded either by calling the call centre or by your own internet page. I didn't notice if you could set waypoints, I guess you can, and I suppose it would cope if you set up the route the day before as the traffic information is live. (Although I have had my doubts in the past about it's accuracy).

It'll be the next gadget I buy, unless someone suggests something bad about it.

Sat Nav - Jim M
Has anybody heard of GATSO spotting system that can be downloaded onto to an existing in car nav system. I have just ordered car with navigation and it seems pointless to add on another GPS with associated dasboard clutter / wires / holes.


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