Aftermarket airbag - Wally Zebon
Has anyone tried or does anyone know if it is possible to fit an airbag to a car that did not have one fitted when it left the factory?
I have just bought an Audi S2 with no airbag. They were an optional extra at the time of sale. Can I go to Audi and get one fitted?

Aftermarket airbag - Cyd
I dare say you could, but this would be a large undertaking. As well as the airbag (around £1000) there are the crash sensors and wiring and ecu plus all that labour........
You would be much better off chosing a car with them fitted at the factory. I personally doubt if any dealer would take this on anyway because of the potential problems and liability issues.
Aftermarket airbag - DavidHM
Shouldn't an Audi of this age have ProConTen fitted, which pulls the steering wheel away from the driver in case of an impact anyway? It's not quite as good as a bag, but it's better than nothing - and would have to be disabled/replaced, even before you could fit an airbag - having both would probably make things worse.

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