fake parts - andy n
i was looking on a volvo owners forum recently and the subject of fake parts was being discussed, [a well known parts supplier] were mentioned as having been exposed recently as selling parts which they claimed were manufactured by the oe suppliers but in fact were from very dubious sources,does any one know if this is in fact true or just another urban myth? i have used this company many times and have always found the parts supplied to be of top quality(or have i been fooled as well!}
fake parts - THe Growler
I know for a fact there are counterfeit parts manufactured in Korea and Taiwan. Oil filters are one example. This can be confusing since some manufacturers outsource production of legitimate spare parts to those countries, especially consumables like filters.
It would not surprise me if fakes had reached UK, they are all over Asia.

As always I guess the counsel is buy from your local car dealer.
fake parts - Onetap
I?ve no first hand experience, but heard of an incident in which an order of brake parts were returned to a supplier. The genuine articles had been taken and swapped with fakes put into the genuine packaging. It was noticed by a fitter, who was putting the fakes onto a bus.

Some of the concern may be generated by scare stories circulated by the manufacturers of the real stuff, but there are certainly fakes being made.

See www.autocluster.com/sa_history/id230.htm


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