Tyre choice? - owen
I've recently purchased an N-reg Peugeot 306 XSi. I find the handling in general excellent, but do find that the front wheels have a tendency to spin very easily - i think that the cheap and nasty tyres on the front are the cause. Does anyone have any tyre recommendations to give better grip, without being too soft and wearing rapidly? I'm loathed to change the cheap tyres as there's plenty of tread left, but it seems a waste to have such well balanced car and to use crap tyres.

Tyre choice? - Andy P
What brand of tyres does it have? Are you getting wheelspin in the dry? Are you a member of the traffic-light "I-can-out-accelerate-you" brigade?

Seriously, if you can provoke wheelspin in the dry, then you're trying to put too much power down too quickly. If not, then I suggest you replace all of them, because if they loose traction that easily, they can't really be safe (especially in the wet).

Best brands - Michelin came top in a recent customer survey. Otherwise, any of the mainstream brands should suffice.

Tyre choice? - L'escargot
I had an N-reg 306 XSi which came with Goodyear Eagle NCT 2 185/55 R15 88V tyres and I was really satisfied with them. Using only a modicum of restraint on the loud pedal (L'escargot by name but not by nature !), I managed to get 42k out of the front tyres. I don't know whether you can still get these tyres, but I can definitely recommend them.
Tyre choice? - blank
I'd be surprised if NCT2's are still available, but I thought they were really good. I had them on company Primera (1997-8) and prior to that my own MkII Golf GTI. They only lasted 12k miles for me, but I was a B-road hooligan then!

If you've got cheap crappy tyres swap them. Do a bit of research on the web, read magazine tests etc if you want, but I would phone around lots of local suppliers and find what top-notch tyres are on offer at a decent price.
Tyre choice? - smokie
My Omega MV6 has BF Goodrich which the tyre depot recommended by saying "all the boy racers use them"...

They said they were made by one of the big makers. They were considerably cheaper than Pirelli, which I previously had but seemed to tramline badly, or Michelin. (255/45 ZR tyres are expensive, whatever brand they are!)

So far the tyres have done over 20k, front are still good for quite a few thou and rears maybe have another 3-5k in them (rear wheel drive). Grip is good, would buy them again.
Tyre choice? - Steve S
I use Michelin Pilot Sports with a FWD turbo. I find them very good, lots of grip and they last about 18k.

I'm no racer although I do like to press on where the situation allows so I reckon the "wear v grip" is very good.

I had some B'stones that were incredibly grippy in the wet but lasted about 12k at best - you pays your money...

Tyre choice? - Toad, of Toad Hall.

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Tyre choice? - carayzee
LOL at Toad - Stomils indeed!

Toyo's are what you want, sticky, excellent in the wet and cheap here - www.mytyres.net - got over 12,000 miles out of a set which was good going for that car, reckon 20k plus on the Pug
Tyre choice? - carayzee
That car being an Accord R (doh!) is there no edit button in here?
Tyre choice? - rg

(yes, honestly)

Had several on my Pug 405 with no problems at all.

Have just tentativly put some on the front of the XM and so far, so good.

£50 iso £80+ for "big name"

As recommended by my local independent long-established tyre place, Derek Campbell of Yarm. I would not have trusted them from a multiple chain.

rg>> Stomils!
These are my own opinions, and not necessarily those of all
Tyre choice? - blank
I paid less than 200 quid for 4 Continental EcoContacts for my Mondeo. I think they are 195/60*15. This was from my local garage, which I found to be the cheapest in the area by a mile. F**k Wit and the like wanted about £80 each for the identical tyres.
Phone around!

Tyre choice? - owen
Thanks for all the advice, i'm tempted for the Goodyears since i had them on my previous car and they were very good, not sure if i want to spend that much on this car though! I'll phone around to see if i can find any good deals. Ta!

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