Hdi transplantation - Leach
I currently in the process of transplanting a 206 hdi 90bhp into a Citron zx.

I have the engine and its wiring loom bolted up to a test bed every thing is pluged in except for the display panel (i cant find where to plug it in!).

When i turn the key to full ignition the fuel pump on the engine starts to buzz(it also stays buzzing for a few secounds after even after i rempve the key) is this normal?

I turn the key to start the engine and the engine turns over but does not fire, is there any sensors for water depth or something like that that stops the engine from starting?

Is it possible to get something to plug the engine managment into a laptop or computer?

somebody help me please.
Hdi transplantation - Ian Cook
An interesting project! In your test bed set-up have you also got the immobiliser from the 206 hooked up? I would have thought that this would be needed to "activate" the ECU so that it can send some fuel to each of the electronic injectors.

Perhaps you could let us know a bit more about what bits of the 206 you have used in this project.

Ian Cook
Hdi transplantation - Andy P
Daft question, but have you bled the fuel system (I seem to remember when JC did the cooking-oil-plus-white-spirit thing on the Volvo, they had to remove air from the fuel system first).

On the fuel pump, they normally buzz when the ignition is switched on to pressurise the fuel system. I don't know whether it should carry on after the ignition is switched off though.

Hdi transplantation - Leach
yes i think i have the emoblizer pluged in do you know of any way i can check to see if it is
Hdi transplantation - Ben79
Do you have the dashboard and built in systems interface (BSI) attached? The dash will show when the key has bypassed the immobilisor.

Have you a Haynes for the 206 wiring diagrams?

Hdi transplantation - swlee

i would be pleased to know your outcome of your hdi transplant.

i owe a non turbo zx with a xud engine. the power is very lacking and the diesel rattling is driving mad. i would like to do a similar transplant and hope that you can share some notes and tips.

could you tell me how much would a used hdi engine complete with wiring loom and ecu cost and where could i get one.

i write from malaysia and there is no french hdi unit around.


Hdi transplantation - David Lacey
Easy - but a turbo-diesel ZX - that should make things a little 'livelier'

HDI engine transplant is surely an electronic nightmare?

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