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repair to electric window motor - jhg
I recently bought a 1993 4 door Corolla and found that the left
back electric window wouldn't wind down.
When I opened up the door I found a broken broom handle wedging up the
I dismantled the mechanism and found that the window motor was
simply missing one of the small carbon brushes mounted on copper or brass.

I have tried everywhere but no-one stocks these pieces which
can't cost more than a few pence.

Does anyone know where I can get a carbon brush set for less than the
300 quid that dealers want for a new motor?
repair to electric window motor - smokie
You could always try the scrappy for an old motor...much cheaper than new, plus it would give you additional spares...

I once (sceptically) used one of those premium rate numbers from Yellow Pages to source some 2nd hand parts. They obviously shoot out your request over fax, or computers. Within about 5 minutes of finishing the call I had two calls offering me the required parts, plus a further 4 or 5 calls later during the day. Once I'd ordered, parts arrived in two days.
repair to electric window motor - Ian (Cape Town)
try any ar5mature winders, who'll put you in touch with whoever makes their graphite brushes.
failing that, a b6 pencil and a nail fail, and make your own.
repair to electric window motor - airedaletel
Read on another site "Maplins" sell a complete kit for electric windows for £25.00 ans its quite often the same parts as oe.

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