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My car is not 1 year old yet but had lots of problems, within a couple of months it was back at the dealers with heater not working, and USB connection in glove box keeps stopping,(I use a USB memory stick to play music) They told me the heater was blowing cold air because there was a crack in the expansion bottle, and installed new software to solve USB problem.

Heater now working, but I still lose USB connection intermittently a couple of times a month (music stop playing, I have to turn it off for a while, then switch it back on)

July 18th my car engine wont turn over, I called out RAC, when they arrived they checked battery and starter motor, all ok. There was no water in my expansion bottle and told me my engine was jammed with water, they towed it off to main dealer. It took them 2 weeks just to look at my car, they told me they could find any fault and were sending if off to an engine specialist, after a couple of days they told me Ford had authorised a new engine. My old engine was only 11 months old with 10,000 miles on the clock, and never been raced, has anybody heard of similar problems with this engine ? Also they have said they can't do anything about my USB problem as it didn't occur while there. How do I stand on this, as I know there is a fault ?

Another concern a have with this car is, I feel it pulls to the right if loose the steering wheel, three different dealers have check it and say its ok (tyre wear is even) I took one ford technician along a quite motorway and let go of the steering wheel and we when from the slow lane to the fast lane in about 10 seconds, he just said it was camber sensitive. Is he right ??

Any help or advice would be great.

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