Kia Sorento 2.5 diesel auto "06" plate - KIA Sorento intercooler - Craigh

I posted earlier this year regards black smoke on acceleration. Initially, EGR blanking plate cured the fault but it is now back. Checked the blanking plate and it is OK.

Black smoke with lack of power......Have found the air filter is blocked (although only changed 4 months ago. Have replaced with new and also done a fuel filter change for good measure. This seems to be the original one from new which was meant to get changed during a service 4 months ago!

There is an oil leak beneath the front of the car which has turned out to be the intercooler. The pipes have also got a good coating of oil inside. After removing the protection plate to get access to the intercooler, the sight was shocking.......expanded intercooler with bottom completely dropped off!

Can anyone advise if the front of the car has to come off or can the intercooler be replaced without the removal of the radiator, oil cooler etc?

I think some of the oil has come from the rocker cover breather pipe (drawn in while the air filter was blocked?)

Your input would be much appreciated as I have now beeen ripped off by 2 garages and intend to get it sorted as a matter of urgency.

Regards Craigh.

Kia Sorento 2.5 diesel auto "06" plate - KIA Sorento intercooler - RT

The problem isn't directly the intercooler - it's the turbo that's blown allowing oil into the intercooler !

Kia Sorento 2.5 diesel auto "06" plate - Black smoke / intercooler - Craigh

KIa Sorento owners......Sorted the problem. Changed the intercooler for a second hand one of eBay. The original one had expanded and blown due to oil ingress which in turn was caused by a blocked air filter!

the car has stopped smoking completely and the acceleration/power is outstanding. Had the car 8 months now and only just realised how it should drive!


Kia Sorento 2.5 diesel auto "06" plate - Black smoke / intercooler - syb1981
Hi, Craigh just read your thread, having similar problems with my 03 sorento 2.5 loss of power and oil leak from corner of intercooler...ive got a 2nd hand inter cooler ready to fit and thought seeing as no one else on internet seems to have fitted one except you thought id ask if you could shine any light on fitting one...easy ? Hard? Does the whole radiator have to come out or does the intercooler split from the 4 retaining screws and bottom brackets.....?

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