Valuation please - Toyota Power Van - greaser pv
I will shortly be buying an R- plate Power van 2.4 diesel LWB.This van will replace my worn out Hi-ace and will be my work van for my mobile business. I have serviced this since it came out of warranty @ approx 60000 miles , it has now done 108,000. It has been regularly serviced and well looked after by its owner ( a builder ). The clutch is beginning to slip and the sliding door has a cosmetic dent in it. What should I pay for it ? I have the figure of £2000 in my head although I don't do buying and selling so I have no real clue as to its value. Help gratefully received.
Valuation please - Toyota Power Van - greaser pv
Doesn't anyone have an idea ?
Valuation please - Toyota Power Van - bernie
Just a bit confused,which van are we talking about ?Both are Hi Ace(s)
Valuation please - Toyota Power Van - Mark (RLBS)
all I can suggest is going to and search to see if there are similar vehicles for sale and at what price.
Valuation please - Toyota Power Van - Dynamic Dave
Hmmm? R-Reg. 108,000 miles. Clutch slipping. Cosmetic dent in door. £2000 sounds an awful lot of money for something that needs some work doing to it. What you need to ask yourself is how much will the clutch and dent cost to fix, and then deduct that from the true value of the van. As Mark suggests, look in the Trader to find similar age and mileage, and then haggle the price to allow for the repairs.


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