Trevor P - skid pans? - matt35 {P}

I am on a skid pan in a few days time - any suggestions to help keep the embarrasment to the minimum?


Trevor P - skid pans? - bsw
Imagine that there is a rotten egg fastened to the sole of your right foot and you'd rather not break it and sample the smell !

Have fun,

Trevor P - skid pans? - Blue {P}
Trev went away on holiday a couple of weeks ago, don't know how long before he's back... but it can't be long though.

Trevor P - skid pans? - THe Growler
I recall spending half a day slithering round a skid pan somewhere near Southampton as part of an executive security course which included defensive driving.

The only thing I learnt was that it's impossible to control a car on a skid pan! Needless to say this experience has been invaluable (not!)
Trevor P - skid pans? - terryb
I did a day's course on a skid pan at Castle Coombe. They used a gooey chemical and cars with mixed radial/cross ply and under/over inflation to create oversteer/understeer skids.

Best advice is enjoy yourself. You're going to make a horlicks of it at some stage, accept it and learn from it, so provided you have fun it'll be time well spent.

The main lessons I learned were:

1. Forget trying to brake.
2. Drivers with automatics show themselves up when it comes to handbrake turns into a garage in a manual (didn't I just!)
3. It's a great job running these courses - another one that careers teachers never told you about.

Enjoy :o)

Trevor P - skid pans? - John S

Embarrasment? You'll be laughing so much you won't have time to be embarrased! The main problem I found is that these things are so slippery the car never builds up much lateral acceleration and at first it can be difficult to feel when it starts to slide. The rotating scenery is a good clue though.


John S
Trevor P - skid pans? - borasport20
Some skid pans are 'lubricated' by spraying on a mixture of water and oil. (The old GM buses one certainly was)

If this is the case, make sure you wash the car asap afterwards, as its very difficult to shift if you let it dry.

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Trevor P - skid pans? - MancRover
does anyone know of skid pan training available in the North West? I searched high and low, but the majority of places are in the SE.
Trevor P - skid pans? - TrevorP
Sorry Matt - been away.

just enjoy.

NW? Have they got one at Croft? (near Darlington)

Other than that, it's Knockhill (near Edinburgh).
Trevor P - skid pans? - TrevorP
How about Birkenhead?

(sorry, don't actually know where that is)

Trevor P - skid pans? - matt35 {P}

I don't know if your comment was tongue in cheek, but Birkenhead also caused problems to the Royal Family some years ago.
Prince Philip arrived in his car ahead of the Queen (motoring connection).
When the Queen arrived she saw that Philip was wearing a Davy Crockett hat.
'Why are you wearing that stupid hat?'
'You told me to wear it!'
'When did I tell you to wear that?'
'When I told you we were to visit Birkenhead, you said 'Wear the Fox Hat!'

Good Weekend,

Trevor P - skid pans? - matt35 {P}

Nothing to report - we had Police skid pan booked for last Saturday....Friday night we had to call off due to icy roads!Seriously!
Have rebooked for mid March.
Trevor P - skid pans? - smokie
It's probably not ecoomically justifiable for a business to set up a skid pan in an area that is so wet most of the time

Trevor P - skid pans? - borasport20
Well the one i referred to above was at the Greater Manchester bus garage at Devonshire St in Ardwick, but I don't know if it still operates post bus-deregulation

When it did, it was actually run on a non-profit basis by a south manchester group of the IAM. It might be worth finding your local IAM group and asking them.


I have to grow old - but I don't have to grow up
Trevor P - skid pans? - MancRover
cheers borasport20, will investigate and report back!
Trevor P - skid pans? - Ian (Cape Town)
as terryb says, you are going to make a complete a*** of yourself anyway, so don't sweat it about going there with preconceived ideas.
Just enjoy, listen to what the people tell you, and learn accordingly.
One thing to listen for is the correct seat posture, foot position, and how to grip the wheel.
have a good one
Trevor P - skid pans? - Daedalus
Im doing a day on skid pan near York with my local ROSPA-ROADA group in March. It looks like I will have a great day. And its only 20 quid.



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