Replacing smashed Mk4Astra mirror? - Microbike
Hi there,

On Sunday night some muppet clonked our mirror as he clipped the apex of the tight bends on the road to teignmouth off the A380. Scared my wife witless, as it was a very loud bang.
Anyway, I've got 2 quesitons:
1. We have a 1999 Mk 4 Astra, quoted £80 for new drivers side mirror by our dealer. Does anyone recommend fitting a pattern mirror available from breakers as a direct replacement? Or are they a bad fit etc? Been quoted a reasonable £40 for a non-genuine one. Is it a false economy?
2. Has anyone got experience of changing an entire mirror? Is it an easy DIY job? How long does it take?
Replacing smashed Mk4Astra mirror? - Dynamic Dave
Couple of places you could try:

A non genuine one probably won't have the inbuilt blindspot mirror.

Easy enough to fit. If electric, you'll need to remove the door trim to get at the plug/socket connector. How long to fit? < ½ hour.


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