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I'm picking up my 'new' 318ti Compact at the weekend (1999 V). As it had a few nice extras such as full leather interior etc. I didn't mind that it didn't have alloys. I've saved a few pennies back for some.

Can anyone recommend a good stockist of BMW wheels? Stupid question but can BMW centre badges be fitted to most alloys or just BMW wheels?

Thanks in advance.
BMW Wheel Stockists - T Lucas
I always use 01708 553521 good selection good prices and they always fit!
BMW Wheel Stockists - DavidHM does replica alloy wheels for your car (and Audis and Mercedes). does replica wheels as well, or did, and they have local offices throughout the country.

Not sure about centre caps but they'll look wrong on anything other than genuine or replica BMW ones.
BMW Wheel Stockists - UncleR
Thanks to you both. Point taken about the centre caps, you're probably right.

PerformanceAlloys have a good selection!
BMW Wheel Stockists - Dwight Van Driver
Uncle R

Don't know if this of help but in my local free rag of today is the following advert:

BMW M spoke alloy wheels 18" set of four, fitted standard to 330 Sport Coupe, with M Logo, only 100 miles, £600.
Tel No: (01609) 881752. (Northallerton area North Yorkshire)

(absolutely no conection)
BMW Wheel Stockists - jc
If you're fitting fancy wheels to your motor,only fit genuine manufacturer's ones;if there are adaptors,spacers or other bits of alloy or plastic involved avoid!!
BMW Wheel Stockists - UncleR
Thanks DVD, I'm down in Essex so it may not be practical to follow this up but many thanks for the info. In fact, it gives me the idea to check the press, E & Mart etc. for some second hand ones.

jc - Will take care. I'm not taking any chances with my new baby! (that's the car, not any offspring).


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