HJ in Print ?! - Pugugly {P}
Been reading an excellent book "From Ballam to Bollywood" by Chris England, very little in a motoring vein to report but in a passage about the advertising world, and I quote " I eventually found one person who vaugley remembered the ads I was talking about - and they weren't just about Honest John in front of his car showroom shouting about his bargains" Arrrrrrrgh !
HJ in Print ?! - CMark {P}
It is our little one's 3rd birthday and we have just been given an armful of books from a friend whose kids have grown out of them.

One of the titles is the Ladybird book "Walt Disney's Pinocchio". I am happily reading it as tonight's bedtime story when I come across the following passage:

"Geppetto was overjoyed, for now Pinocchio was just like a son to him. But one morning, a sly old fox called 'Honest' John Worthington Foulfellow saw Pinocchio going off to school."

I kid you not. I nearly spilt my G&T ;-)

HJ, I think we should be told!


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