Nostalgia III - THe Growler
I started out enjoying this, now I have a looming sense of impending anno domini. It's all Mark's fault.
Nostalgia III - Dwight Van Driver
Strange no body has mention but..

Back of the Schoolbus (motoring connection) at the tender age of 13 head buried in The Wizard, The Rover, Hotspur (not The Eagle for that was a comic) reading the exploits of Wilson (he never aged) and Rockfist Rogan, the Sgt Spitfire Sergeant that was a heavyweight boxer. Clickey Bah - sadly needed these days. The good guys always won and the baddies perished.

Nowadays its Penthouse and Forum..... (them not me)

Nostalgia III - Martin Devon
DVD. The Baddies would still perish if it wasn't for our Lily Livered masters!

Seems you know a little to much about this Penthouse!!

Nostalgia III - THe Growler
DVD, far be it from me to correct someone as erudite as your goodself, but would I not be correct in saying Rockfist Rogan featured in The Champion? (ducks for cover)
Nostalgia III - Dwight Van Driver
Yup, correct Growler come to think of it, but my brain is older than yours with less mileage so not in as good condition.

Read yesterday in a certain newspaper from your neck of the woods the latest craze down your way of motor cycle racing and the winner takes the losers girlfriend for the night.

Now thats novel what..and for Gwads sake don't tell Toad.

Nostalgia III - THe Growler
This is off topic and sorry Mark nothing to do with nostalgia. However this article has no basis in fact and was cooked up by someone with an agenda. Bikers here are very annoyed about it and are taking action. It has damaged the reputation of a very community conscious section of the riding public.

I would just ask anyone who thinks what DVD read is how we carry on here just to read the comments in the link.

Nobody loves a good party more the Filipinos and the bikers are no exception. But we don't behave as alleged in the letter to the Philippine Inquirer which started all this.
Nostalgia III - THe Growler
"DVD. The Baddies would still perish if it wasn't for our Lily Livered masters!"

Of course not! Nowadays they get community service. Do try and get up to date with modern thinking in our more caring society.

For DVD -- can't imagine pictures of Rockfist's Spitfire nowadays hurtling after a smoking ME109 in a vertical dive with a balloon coming out saying "Ach! Englische Schweinhund!"

Forget Penthouse....FHM is where it's at! Did I just say that?

Apologies Mark.
Nostalgia III - Citroënian {P}
I wrote:
You asked me (if/how) I knew Esso was blue,
Of course, I answered,
With a poorer quality
One finds smoke in your eyes.

Mark(RLBS) wrote:

You asked me how I knew it was Esso Blue
I of course replied
with lower grades one finds
smoke gets in your eyes

Well, I don't think I was a million miles away and certainly better than altavista :-)

Not exactly a rapid response on my part though...

Nostalgia III - Mark (RLBS)
Yesterday was my "be nice" day. Today is my "know that this is supposed to be motoring nostalgia, not a problem page" day.
Nostalgia III - No Do$h
Well, I don't think I was a million miles away and
certainly better than altavista :-)

Yeah, but Babelfish translations can be truly amusing in their lack of accuracy. Always worth a look.

BTW, if anyone has problems with their employer's firewall blocking their surfing, you can often read "blocked" sites by entering the URL on the babelfish URL:

and then asking it to translate from any other language to english. Great for getting sports results. Despite my employer's sponsoring the county cricket, they block the cricket scores on the firewall!

Mark, how NOT nostalgia was that?

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