diesel engines annoy swmbo - zedzedeleven
swmbo is annoyed by the lads calling at the plumbers merchants next door to us who pull onto the forecourt and leave their engines running while they nip in for a box of elbows/fag/brew
etc. In the morning this can be a bit irritating as two or three vans all arrive together . Why don`t they switch off their engines ? I suspect it`s a throwback to when diesels were hard to start so the easy option was to leave them running but todays refined diesel engines should be more reliable , so why do they still do it ?
diesel engines annoy swmbo - Dave_TD
Because they're not paying for the fuel...?

>>todays refined diesel engines

So why does the noise annoy her then? :-)
diesel engines annoy swmbo - Shigg
Have you thought about a polite word with the plumbers merchants. I'm sure they could put up a notice or pass the word around that the Police are prosecuting drivers that leave their vehicles running unattended. I'm not saying you should call the Police but you know how it is, softly, softly.......

diesel engines annoy swmbo - FergusTheDog
My SWMBO gets annoyed by my diesel Focus at 5:30 each morning (and so does half the village). She just says it's lucky we don't have a Golf diesel.
diesel engines annoy swmbo - Dan J
Are you sure they realise it's your car Fergus? They're probably blaming some local farmer and his "knackered old tractor" :)
diesel engines annoy swmbo - THe Growler
(evil grin) is it the diesels worrying you most or the fact SWMBO is getting teed off? Might be time to show the Bitter Half whose's the boss.....
diesel engines annoy swmbo - zedzedeleven
I think its prolly because she`s trying to concentrate on what those halfwitted presenters on morning telly are prattling on about. Easy to get distracted given the usual subject matter. I, on the other hand, am gripped by the rivetting material in my D.T. so don`t hear a thing. Until I am told to that is. Then I can hear it. Oh yes, then I can hear it. So if DTD dosn`t know, how about DVD ? Buses do it as well , exept when waiting at the airport on Lanzarote then they turn it off, along with the aircon.
diesel engines annoy swmbo - FergusTheDog
I'm the only fool who's out and about at that ungodly hour. I know from the stick I get at weekends that they know it's me.
diesel engines annoy swmbo - Dwight Van Driver
Sergeant Del. E. Gaytor stuck his head through the Control Room Hatch and shouted “ Constable Colin Hallkars, Front Desk, deal with complain from Mr Zedzedeleven about noisy vehicles first thing in a morning disturbing folks sleep”.

After hearing the complaint, PC Hallcars addressed Mr Zedzedeleven and said, "I assume that the area where the vehicles park is a road and is not a private forecourt of the said Newsagent and the vehicles involved are left unattended and are not being used for Ambulance, Fire (other than strike days) or Police purposes, or engaged in an operation which requires the engine to be used to drive machinery and used for purposes other than driving the vehicle, or to maintain batteries of the vehicle at a level enabling the machinery mounted to be driven, then if this is the case then the driver is committing an offence of leaving a motor vehicle on a road unattended by a person licensed to drive with the engine running. This is an offence against The Motor Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regs, 1986 Reg 107 that can attract a fine of £2,500 if it is a Goods Vehicle. There is a further offence and it may be stretching it a bit but under the same Regulations, Reg.97 makes it an offence to use a motor vehicle on a road in such a manner as to cause any excessive noise that could have been avoided by the exercise of reasonable care on the part of the driver with the same penalty.

But, a new Act came into force at the beginning of this year, The Police Reform Act, 2002, that gives the Police power to seize vehicles that are being driven in a manner likely to cause alarm, distress, or annoyance to members of the public. If seized it will cost the owner £105 to release the vehicle plus £12 day parking. If this is not paid within 21 days then the Police can sell it. Ahh I can hear you thinking but it has been held that a parked vehicle is still being driven. No doubt, in time these matters will be tested at a High Court and further clarified.

As to the attention that can be given to your complaint is another matter. According to the Duty Sheet we have four officers shown, one is an Annual Leave, one is sick, one has to attend Low Lane Primary School following reports of drug dealing and imitation firearms being used by kids playing Cowboys and Indians, the last officer is up to his RC in alligators dealing with break ins, thefts and assaults.

I can only suggest you have a word with Serge or his boss to try and get your complaint sorted. Good bye and good luck, Sir”

diesel engines annoy swmbo - zedzedeleven
Blimey Dwight ! er, well, er, one day i may find myself with a burst pipe and need a plumber. This is a small town and you can bet that the plumber i call will be the feckless van driver who leaves his diesel running. and got a fine courtesy of yours truly. The bill for repairing the pipe is going to be bigger than the national debt of some small countries. I think the best plan is to turn the telly up . I`d still like to know why they do it though. The bin men do it while they have a brew, can`t be very healthy for them.
diesel engines annoy swmbo - No Do$h
With the shots that Bin-men have to take I doubt they would come to any harm if they drank the diesel.

Daft suggestion I know, but given the lengths manufacturers go to in reducing NVH inside diesels, isn't it about time they considered those poor people outside the car? Surely it can't be too difficult to add a touch more flame-retardant sound-proofing on the wing inners, perhaps fitting the pump and injector mountings with soundproofing as well.

Won't solve zz11's problem overnight, but it would be a start.

This coming from a diesel driver....

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