Golf 1.4 CL - drone - dohc
I was looking for a car for my youngest today and came across an M Reg Golf 1.4 3 door. One previous owner, regularly serviced (book stamped). Nice looking, no obvious abuse. No scratches or tears. Nice and clean under bonnet. Engine sounded good. Apparently genuine 39,000 miles. (Actually, it was in pretty stunning condition for a basic hatchback of that age).
Took it for a test drive and was pretty impressed. The only thing I noticed was a sort of 'hum' or 'drone' coming from nowhere in particular at all speeds. Didn't seem like tyre rumble. If anything, more like a humming back axle (which, of course it hasn't got).
Never having had a VW of any type before and not having driven a small car for some time I'm not familiar with any 'normal' inherent noise in these cars.
The car is being offered by a very local dealer who has no bad marks against him and is offering a 3 month warranty. Although it was a bit worrying that he said up to £250 (Which I doubt would be enforcable). However, I'd rather get anything wrong sorted before I hand over the cash than try arguing later.
Any ideas anyone? Do these solid tin boxes drone a bit?
Golf 1.4 CL - drone - Big John
This sounds like rear wheel bearings. These quite often fail as they are disturbed every time the rear brakes are examined. Easy cheap job though.

Golf 1.4 CL - drone - dohc
Thanks, souds like a reasonable explanation.


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