Help needed buying a car on a budget - tfaz

I need help buying a car on the modest budget of £2000.

Having wasted hours and hours of my life last year, stranded in laybys with my renault grand scenic and thousands of pounds on keeping it going i am desperate to buy a decent car this time. So my priorities are that it be reliable and economical. I do a fair amount of driving on open road and in town, probably around 30miles a day, as well as occasional long distance trips. 7 seats was great (the only good thing about the grand scenic) but i can live without it as i dont think its acheivable in my budget. i do have three children to taxi around as well as all the stuffthat goea with them, so it needs to be a real workhorse.

My husband is keen on a golf... I am thinking something Japanese as I am told they are the most reliable? But what do you think, can you give me some advice?

Many Thanks
Help needed buying a car on a budget - jamie745

Well first off £2,000 is enough to buy a car with. You'd be surprised what you can get for that sort of money in our 'niche' RHD country. The stock advice is to largely ignore brand reputation with cars at this price and age. I've seen 17 year old Peugeots fly through MOTs and 4 year old Lexus' break down in a shower of cogs and springs. It means nothing.

Judge a car on how it feels and its history. Generally speaking I'd be looking at something like a mk3 Ford Mondeo as they are well put together and plenty about at this price.

Help needed buying a car on a budget - Avant

For £2,000 condition is a more important consideration than make or model: what you need if you can find it it something that has been looked after and regularly serviced.

That said, you're right to think Japanese as (provided you go for a petrol engine) they do have a good reputation for reliability. You can get a 7-seater within budget if you go for a Toyota Corolla Verso, or if 5 seats are enough I'd suggest the previous model of Honda Civic (the one made between 2000 and 2006). This has very generous rear legroom for your children, although the boot isn't massive.

VW Golfs are good cars, but they can need expensive repairs as they get older. I'd recommend one if you had a bigger budget.

Good luck, and do tell us how you get on.

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Help needed buying a car on a budget - Jase

Honda Stream, which is based on a stretched floorpan version of the Honda Civic that Avant mentioned above. Go for the 2.0i version, which is a fine chain cam motor.

Help needed buying a car on a budget - tfaz

Thanks very much!

Very useful tips, epecially re expensive golf repairs and getting a petrol engine for a Japanese car.

I'll let you know what we go for!

Help needed buying a car on a budget - tfaz

Another good tip! I hadn't heard of the Honda Stream, I will see if I can find one.

Thanks again!


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