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Everyone knows the saloon bar topic of a car losing 50% of it's value after 3 years and i have every reason to believe that to be true.

There is plenty of on line info re used cars eg the stuff that Autotrader does it is brilliant but , short of ringing a dealership can anyone give me a free link of where can I find out what the ORIGINAL new saleroom price of a 3/4/5 year old model was?


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Afternoon; not exactly the answer you are looking for, but used car price guides that you can obtain in newsagents generally also show the price new. For example, I have on my bookshelf a couple of them. One was from April 1970 ( price 4 shillings ) that, for instance, shows the new price of a Triumph TR5 was £1271 in 1967 and £1350 in 1968. The other guide ( april 1988, cost £1.30 ) shows that a 1988 ferarri Testarossa was £62666, or a Ford Sierrra 1600L was £7760.

Not all show multiple years, but find the right back-issues and you could have a huge database !


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