honda frv - egr removal - scfc_151

Hi all

im trying to remove my erg for removal. Ive managed to get the bolts all freed off but the access is a nightmare. I thought it would be easier to remove the cooler pipe at the same time but the valve doesnt have enough clearence to take it off the studs.

does anyone have any tips for this? There is one bolt at the bottom corner of the valve but it impossible to get a hand or spanner near it hence taking the cooler pipe off too

honda frv - egr removal - hardway

Engine size?

Fuel type?

you know little details.

honda frv - egr removal - scfc_151

apologies for some reason i thought i wrote it. its a 2008 frv 2.2 cdti.

I managed to take off the intake pipe and cooler pipe so i could see inside the egr but the 2 bolts the hold the valve on 1 near the back was imposible to get any purchase on. there is zero hand space.

I was very blocked though and even clearing that out has made it quieter and smoother

honda frv - egr removal - hardway

Well you got it cleaned!

And welcome to life as a mechanic!!

Sucks sometimes...........

And to add insult the book time for this jub is only 0.60 mins!

So your missing something.

Admiting that I've never even done one on this vehicle the low job time hours would suggest if you can not your local Honda dealer isn't going to kill you with a huge bill.

honda frv - egr removal - scfc_151

well thats even more annoying! 60mins :-)

ill have to find out for curiosity sake where im going wrong

honda frv - egr removal - sandy56

Maybe try the Honda owners site for info and advice?

honda frv - egr removal - scfc_151

i did look there couldnt find anything. i think ill purchase a workshop manual dvd

honda frv - egr removal - Ian D
Post a question on the Hondakarma forum, I am sure someone will help
honda frv - egr removal - scfc_151

thanks Ian im a member of that forum and added the question. Therers a good guide of a civiv forum. However Im not sure the access is as limited with aircon pipes etc


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