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I have a Ford Fiesta 1.8 D MK4 1998 car.
I have a problem with the front suspension.
On the suspension the worn parts have been replaced, the tires are new.
There was also a wheel alignment.
A haven't replaced the shock absorbers. The subframe and the swing arm aren't damaged. On the body there is no sign of damage, which could have happened earlier with the last owner.
After these on the right side there is an 1.5 cm and on the left side there is a 2 cm negative camber.
Can you help me, how could I lower the negative camber?

Thank You!

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Ford Fiesta MK4 1.8D - Negative camber after repair - Peter.N.

Are these figures what you have obtained or did the garage check them? If you are checking it yourself make sure the car is on dead flat ground or it will upset your reading.

Ford Fiesta MK4 1.8D - Negative camber after repair - JohnyBravo

Thank you for your quick answer.

I measured on an almost flat ground. I had no other choice. I'm going to have it measured in a garage as well.

But if I measured a large negative camber on both wheels, it is likely that the camber is bad. The inner part of the tire was very worn before repair. I'm afraid it'll continue to wear out. Also, the wheels are seen inwardly facing with a naked eye.

I believe that the maximum camber in the positive direction is 1.18 degrees and 1.48 degrees in the negative direction.

This is approx. +1.2 cm and -1.5cm. Both are much larger than they should. The left side is approx. the double.

I remember that approx. two years ago, the steering system had to be replaced and the subframe had to be removed. Maybe it wasn't put back in the middle?

I don't know.


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