New models - hillman

It seems the Telegraph has a scoop. Dyson is going to make a car by 2020 – electric, of course. And, Alfa Romeo have released an SUV that will leave all the other SUVs standing.

I have owned a Dyson vacuum cleaner and it worked quite well although the handle broke within a year and it left various bits of plastic on the floor (the plastics were very brittle). Still kept working though, till the day I gave it to at local vacuum cleaner shop to use as spares.

I’ve never owned an Alfa Romeo though the section on Reliabilty in the Telegraph confirmed what I had read when it awarded it 4 in 10.

I’m very impressed by the Dyson hand driers.

New models - argybargy

I used to dream about owning an Alfa, though that was more because they appeared so stylish and different to other cars than because I'd heard that owning one was a cinch. The badge alone made me drool, but when the family came along I had to get over it.

I'd like an electric car one day, but the sheer cost of buying one makes it likely I'll be too old to drive by the time my bank balance is up to it.

As for Dysons, I've owned two and never looked back. Which is probably why I sometimes fall down the stairs when using it.

The hand driers are a recipe for chronic deafness, but they do work very well.

New models - colinh

Agreed - always said a compulsory extra with EVs should be the "back of an envelope" - maybe if you're saving on congestion charges (and have a free in-town parking space), BIK tax, etc. you can do some man-maths and make an economic case. However, you can still buy a lot of petrol/diesel for the extra you are paying above the equivalent conventional car cost


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