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I’ve decided to keep my car for another year because there is not a single car out there I want to buy, well not one that does the job I need done. Three years old, mint condition and low mileage so it can stay a while yet.

To give peace of mimd some sort of warranty is required but I know nothing about these things other than lots of people complain about them, so looking for any recommendations.

The only one I looked at is VWs own and to be honest it looks good to me covering everything other than a list of named exclusions but the main thing is it covers what I see as the high risk items DSG, turbo, injectors, fuel pump, EGR, SRC / AdBlue system, catalyst but only covers the DPF for internal failure but not from getting blocked, all the sensors are covered. £277 for a years cover with £100 excess and 10K miles limit.

I hate taking the first quote I get and these thing look like a bit of a mine field so any recommendations would be helpful.

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That actually doesn't look too bad, price-wise.

The advantage of going with the 'official' VW warranty is that you haven't got to go traipsing round garages to find someone with an approved labour rate, getting quotes, getting work authorised ... you just let a VW dealer get on with it.

You could try warrantydirect, they generally get good reviews - you seem to find that most poor reviews are from people who've not had services carried out, or who missed that components weren't covered and then go into rant mode when they get a bill - in other words, people who never bothered reading the paperwork.

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I'd stick with the manufacturers extended warranty. It'll be comprehensive and any work will be done by the dealer by trained VW technicians who know what they're doing. Aftermarket warranties are a minefield with most difficult at best to make a successful claim on. If it was a manual I'd tell you to save your £277 but with the reputation the DSG box has I'd pay for the cover, in fact I'd get a quote for 2yrs to see if it adds that much. It'll give you peace of mind, extends the time you have to think about a replacement and if you sell it it'll make it an easier sale as long as that warranty can be transferred.
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I too would stick with the official vw warranty as you will be able to extend it another year afterwards, up to 5 years.

By far the best option, even if a tiny bit more than other options, but keep your VW service history up to date

VW Sharan TDi - Extended warranty recommendations - Stanb Sevento

Thanks for the input. The VW one it is then and Im happy with that. The Sharan has grown on me and I realy quite like it now and it gives the impression of being a trustworthy big bus but the consequenses of something serious going wrong can be scary. It seems you can cancel the warranty at any time for a full por rata refund less £25 admin fee.

I've got till the end of the month but need an MOT and a couple of tyres before then. Cheers


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