Charity Collection - scot22

Last night the doorbell rang at 8.15. I don't usually have visits that time of night.

When I went it was someone collecting for the Red Cross. I think most charities do a good job and always try to support them.

However worthy the cause, I think there should be a protocol as to when they can call. This could have caused concern to vulnerable people. Does anyone know if there are any regulations about this ?

Charity Collection - FP

I don't want to cause unnecessary alarm, but I thought the Red Cross was no longer doing "collections". I thought they want you to sign up to a direct debit.

Maybe that's what the OP meant. However, there's a lot of fake charity collectors around. And 8:15 in the evening does sound odd.

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Charity Collection - daveyjp

We go through phases of this. We see the charity workers in packs working the streets. They are getting you to sign up to direct debits, not collecting cash.

The city centre used to have a few doing similar, but shoppers were fed up of 'chuggers' harrassing them and complained to city centre management so applications for licences to 'chug' were refused.

I suspect this is a way round the ban.

In summer we go the window and wave them away. In winter we don't answer.

The Charity Commission should have guidelines on how these campaigns should be conducted.

Charity Collection - FP

"In summer we go the window and wave them away. In winter we don't answer."

I have printed out Money Saving Expert's front door notice, which bluntly tells all who are thinking of ringing the bell to ensure they are not selling anything, are not charity people, are not religious people, are not offering advice nor doing surveys to p*** off.

Doesn't stop some, though. If I get to the door before they've realised their mistake and have scarpered I usually question their literacy skills.

Charity Collection - scot22

Yes - I do contribute via dd. I agree there definitely be guidelines. I hadn't even thought about fake ID - what a simpleton !

Charity Collection - gordonbennet

Lockable gates, only way to our house is via the intercom, if the front door is open the dogs go ballistic and race to the gates to see off intruders, any possibility of conversion via guilt trip syndrome (the way these people work) is history.

Best money we've ever spent.

No dd's here i'm fed up to the back teeth with the lot of them, their 6 figure salaried head honchos and their constant badgering for more money.

Charity Collection - scot22

I agree with your sentiments GB about much (most ?) of the Charity sector organisations. Contributions are not guilt based but on a wish to help.

I was once very much caught out by what posed as a group of poor nuns contacted me by phone one night asking for me to increase my contribution. The campaign was costing hundreds of thousands !! so much for the poor nuns.

The only way I feel confident that some of my money will help is through national well established bodies and always face to face with Big Issue sellers ( its a good read as well )

There but for fortune.

Charity Collection - Ryanfuego

Are you sure that they were really from Red Cross?


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