SatNav for HGVs - hillman

There have been noises made about SatNavs especially for use by drivers of HGVs. Do any of the BRs know of progess ?

I was confronted three times yesterday by HGVs travelling along routes that were clearly difficult. One of them was while going down Blaze Hill near to Bollington, Macclesfield, on the stretch near to Bollington. I was met by a high and wide articulator coming up. That hill is very narrow and if the driver was able to get round the bend at the top of the first stretch then he was able to complete the whole. If he met a car or a van on the bend then neither could pass each other. It would mean the car or van would have to reverse about 150 yards. As it was the driver of the Mini following me was getting very irritated. When we finally were able to pass the articulator I met another in similar circumstances in Bollington village. The Mini driver gave me a horn salute when I gave way to the articulator.

SatNav for HGVs - Brit_in_Germany

I believe they have been available for some time but they are more expensive than standard ones so are not always used.

SatNav for HGVs - gordonbennet

Sadly for the new generations, in all types in all jobs, common sense, the simple abilities to read a map or Heaven forbid actually look where you're going seem to be vanishing faster than a politicians promise.

I've managed quite well without an HGV satnav for 40 years as have thousands of others and have no intention of buying one (the company havesupplied and fitted them though as we dumb down like everyone else), the sensible lorry driver doesn't need a HGV specific one, satnav for the commercial driver is a handy pocket sized street map of the country, its also useful for traffic info on some models, and its especially useful is spotting hidden or unsigned junctions along the way.

What a satnav should never be used for by a commercial driver is to route plan, the lorry driver if new enough to need a map plots their own route via a specific map that has bridge heights, then uses the sat nav if at all for help along the way junction spotting etc, and if a strange destination, possibly to help guide in the final couple of miles.

That impatient MINI driver will soon be ringing his insurer, or worse, waiting on paramedics by the sound of it, it always pays to force through at breakneck speed when an artic is on a tight bend, wonder what they're putting in the water these days.

SatNav for HGVs - Brit_in_Germany

GB, are you saying the HGV satnavs aren't up to the job of plotting a suitable route? I thought you program them with your vehicle details (length, width, height, weight etc.) so they should be able to determine whether a route is suitable or not (at least in theory).

SatNav for HGVs - gordonbennet

Any sat nav can plot a route, but lorry drivers are supposed to be professionals, a pro decides their own route they do not follow the directions of some infernal electronic toy, if they do they don't learn anything they just blindly follow, hence why we end up with 44 ton artics down lanes you'd be wary of taking a Defender down.

If we're not careful we'll end up with a whole generation of lorry drivers of no more use than the kids you see in cars who can't find their way to work or the supermarket, which they travel to often, without that infernal idiot machine giving them directions.

Plotting their own suitable route is the lorry drivers job, end of, this is just another rung down the ladder of dumbing the job down to rock bottom, we all know why, because a job requiring minimal skills you can get anyone to do, cheaply and with minimal training, but we've all seen what minimal skilled people are like when doing jobs they simply arn't up to, trust me it won't end well.


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