Suzuki Splash (2008–2014)

What's good

The contemporary Vauxhall Agila is the same car with different badges.

Small yet tall five-door city car.

High seating position.

Excellent rear seat flat-folding mechanism.

Auto is 4-speed torque converter. 

NCAP four star rating for adult occupant protection, three stars for child occupant protection, three star pedestrian rating.

May 2012: Highest first time MoT pass rate (90%) for models numbering more than 2000.

What to watch out for

Strangely, more expensive to insure than identical Vauxhall Agila.

4-speed torque converter automatic does not have a transmission dipstick.

One problem reported with the braking of an automatic version, unresolved after a year.

One complaint of a stiff clutch.

29-1-2012: ABS pump failures occurring at just over 3 years old due to internal corrosion of the pump caused by owners not having the brake fluid replaced every 2 years. Replacement ABS pump £1,700.

8-5-2012: Possibity that ABS failure may not be the pump and may instead actually be ABS/ESP module brake pressure sensor failure. That can be fixed by various British companies such as Sinspeed for £225, but the module had to be removed and sent to them, then refitted afterwards. I'm surprised that the dealer did not know of this simple fix. More at Also

22-6-2013: 1,252cc DDIS diesel showing the same DPF problem as in FIAT 500s, Corsas and Corsavans. If the DPF becomes partially blocked, excess fuel is fed into the engine in an attempt by the system to regenerate the DPF, but instead the fuel contaminates the engine oil, raising its level and unless drainec can, in extreme circumstances, lead to the engine running incontrollably on its sump oil.

11-8-2013: Report of needing new front discs and pads at 18 months old and 24,500 miles.

17-8-2015: ABS/ESC light came on in Suzuki Splash 1.2 auto. Suzuki dealer quoted £600-£700 to repair, which implies replacement of the brake pressure sensor using's fix.

15-4-2017: Report of rear suspension collapsing and had gasket trouble with a Suzuki Splash 1.2 4-speed auto.


February 2008: TSB on Indian built 1.3 Multijet diesel engines to replace the head gaskets. Engines affected are serial numbers 2451169 to 2582915. Parts to fix in FIAT dealers from 3-3-2008

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