Review: Nissan Micra C+C (2005 – 2011)

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Folding hardtop is easy to operate. Car rides well on 15" wheels. Roomy boot when roof is up.

Rear seats too cramped for adults. Boot space shrinks dramatically when Roof is down. Disastrous, very expensive problems prone to develop.

Nissan Micra C+C (2005 – 2011): At A Glance

This job is full of surprises. At the same time on the same morning as one chap handed me the keys to a wow-factor, fully loaded forty grand Mercedes 280SLK, another pair of drivers rather sheepishly delivered a plain metallic grey Nissan Micra C+C 1.4 Urbis. Sheepishly because the other car they had to deliver to someone else was a shocking pink Micra C+C, which had been causing them some embarrassment on the M25.

I did what anyone else would have done. I completely ignored the Micra and drove the SLK. However you have to do what you have to do and the next day, in blazing sunshine, I took the Micra to my usual place to snap it.

Nissan Micra C+C 2006 Road Test

Looking for a Nissan Micra C+C (2005 - 2011)?
Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now.

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Nissan Micra C+C (2005 – 2011): What's It Like Inside?

Length 3806 mm
Width 1668 mm
Height 1441 mm
Wheelbase 2432 mm

Full specifications

You get a little bit of buffeting at 70mph with all the windows down and no hairnet thingy raised behind you. You can't sit anyone but a pair of dwarfs or small children behind you, though maybe one adult sideways. (Why didn't they fit a single sideways rear seat like the original Datsun Fairlady roadster?)

The two-piece glass roof goes up and down quickly enough in a reasonably fuss-free manor. You don't have to manually unclip it as you do in the Colt CZC. And with the roof up, like the Colt CZC, the boot is enormous. Actually 457 litres, which is bigger than the Alfa 159 Sportback.

Child seats that fit a Nissan Micra C+C (2005 – 2011)

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What's the Nissan Micra C+C (2005 – 2011) like to drive?

First surprise was the way it rode the metre-square speed cushions. Whereas the SLK had shuddered and creaked, the little Micra took them better than any other small car I can remember. Absorbed them completely. Even one wheel over the centre, one on the flat, fingers in the door-shut, it didn't seem to twist at all. Its sensible 175/60 R15 tyres had something to do with this. But the fact it didn't shake like a wet dog is great credit to the people who designed and built it.

With only 88bhp feeding through the front wheels, the steering and handling felt perfectly adequate, too. And it looked good. Not out of proportion at all. Just a quirky yet actually quite sensible little car. And at a price less than a third of the flash Mercedes.

Engine MPG 0-62 CO2
1.4 16V 43 mpg 12.8 s 158 g/km
1.6 16V 42 mpg 10.6 s 159–160 g/km

Real MPG average for a Nissan Micra C+C (2005 – 2011)

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34–52 mpg

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Will a 15-year-old Nissan Micra be a good first car?

I need to buy my first car and I really like the Nissan Micra 1.2 petrol. It's 15-years-old, are there any common faults/problems I need to be aware of?
The Micra's a very robust little car. I'd want to see evidence of regular servicing. I would also check its MoT history online to make sure it's not a rust bucket, but there aren't many common issues. You can check its MoT history here:
Answered by Andrew Brady
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