Land Rover Range Rover (2002 – 2013) Review

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Land Rover Range Rover (2002 – 2013) At A Glance


+Sophisticated image backed up by superb refinement. Luxurious and stylish cabin. Feels well built. Excellent off-road ability.

-Expensive to fix. Doesn't handle on-road as well as other large 4x4s. Slow steering and sometimes a lot of weight transfer.

Insurance Group 50
On average it achieves 96% of the official MPG figure

On sale from February 2002 and went increasingly upmarket with one version shown at Geneva in 2011 priced at £130,000.

Looking for a Land Rover Range Rover (2002 - 2013)?
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Real MPG average for a Land Rover Range Rover (2002 – 2013)


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Average performance


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13–33 mpg

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Is Shell fuel really that much better than supermarket fuel?
"I've always used Shell V Plus diesel in my Range Rover TDV8, with 160,000 miles on it. My neighbour said it was a waste of money, so I switched to Asda diesel. My car now has worse fuel economy and runs rougher. Is it just my imagination or is Shell V Plus really that much better than supermarket fuel?"
Don't listen to your neighbour. This is precisely why I recommend Super and specifically Shell V-Power. Get back into it and there's a chance it will clean up your engine's fuel system as it used to do. This comes from more than 20 years experience in more than 1000 cars, plus 1,000,000 reader's letters and emails.
Answered by Honest John
The Michelin tyres on my Range Rover are very noisy - What should I replace them with?
"I've got Michelin tyres on my 2012 Range Rover Autobiography 4.4. The tyres have done 22,000 miles and they're very noisy. What should I replace them with?"
Pirelli Scorpion seem to work best on Range Rover.
Answered by Honest John
2.9-litre BMW engine
"Do you realise that the Range Rover L322 was produced from 2002 with a BMW 2.9 litre straight six turbo Diesel engine mated to a GM 5 speed auto box. You never mention this engine in any way."
We state exactly that: 11-03-2002: Range Rover L322 went on sale. Engine line up began with a BMW 288bhp 4.4 litre V8 with 325lb ft (440Nm torque) or a BMW 184bhp 3.0 litre straight-six turbodiesel. The interior is both luxurious and stylishly modern with an architectural theme, unlike that of any of its competitors. Automatic only.
Answered by Honest John
Range Rover battery problems
"I've just bought a used (2004 model) Range Rover and heard beforehand about a simple fix to stop the battery draining every couple of days or so. I've had a "hedgehog" or "Porcupine" fitted in the heater circuit which has had no result and there are no error codes which plugged into a diagnostic system. Land Rover say take it to a local dealer, but when I tried to book it in, they said they don't have the kit to test and fix it. Any advice?"
Sorry, not on our faults list: I had heard that people attending events were doing their batteries in by running iceboxes off the accessory socket in the load area, so I wonder if the wiring for that might be suffering an overload. The standard answer to this problem is to try switching off the interior light entirely. When these are fitted with 'see you out' dimmer switches, the switches can remain live, draining the battery, even though the interior light has gone off. Two other JLR possibilities are a fault with the gearshift quadrant not registering that the car is in Park. And another is that, if you don't lock the car properly, the Bluetooth system will continually search for the phone it is paired with, eating up the reserves in the battery.
Answered by Honest John

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