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EuroNCAP’s safest new cars

EuroNCAP has revealed the safest cars tested during 2011. During the year EuroNCAP tested 53 new cars, and the lowest rating of three stars was awarded to the Dacia Duster, a car not currently sold in the UK.

See below for the safest cars in each of the main classes. Click the links to see a review of each. 

EuroNCAP also recognised some of the advanced safety features not yet included in the rating scheme, including Active City Stop, offered in the Ford Focus, the Collision Prevention Assist offered in the Mercedes-Benz B-Class and the City Safety system offered with the Volvo V60.

Dr Michiel van Ratingen, Euro NCAP Secretary General says: “With Euro NCAP Advanced, we have already recognized a number of technologies offering safety benefits to consumers. The safety case for AEB systems is very strong and we are therefore strongly encouraging manufacturers to increase the availability of such systems on new cars. We are well underway to add the assessment of these systems to the overall rating and to make these systems a requirement for five stars in the future.”

EuroNCAP tests carried out in 2012 will be stricter, with the minimum score for pedestrian safety increasing from 40% to 60% in an effort to encourage car makers to further improved pedestrian safety.


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