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Toyota headlight adjustment - Ian (Cape Town)
A collegaue has a newish Corrola, and his LHS headlight beam is set much too high - I noticed the other night, when he passed me on the way home.
I mentioned it this morning, and he says he'll get it adjusted - is this a simple job, or a dealer job?

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Toyota headlight adjustment - David Lacey
It's really a garage job Ian using the correct alignment gear
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Toyota headlight adjustment - cally
any mot centre can align headlight no probs,expect to pay around £6.00 each
Toyota headlight adjustment - Dynamic Dave
Crude, but effective way involves chalk, a wall, and another car with correct headlight aim.
Park other car facing wall with lights on, approx 3 foot away from wall. Mark wall with chalk where headlights are and also mark position of car on road. Now exchange donor car with Toyota and adjust headlights to correspond with marks on wall. It may not be 100% perfect, but it should be better than it was.
When next MOT is due, if they fail it due to incorrect headlight adjustment, chances are they will adjust it for free.

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