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Peugeot 807 2.2 HDi Executive - Peugeot 807 turbo oil pipe filter, should it have - Willie-Womble

I'm in the process of fitting a replacement turbo on my vehicle, and will be replacing the oil feed pipe and the union bolt on the cylinder block end of the same. The new genuine Peugeot bolt is of a different design to the old one; was supplied by a Peugeot dealer and identified from a parts list e mailed to me.

The old one had a nylon tubular filter fitted inside it and there isn't one with the new part; or any illustration of the filter in the parts list sent to me. I assume the new bolt design doesn't require a filter, although I wondered whether the filter also regulated the oil flow to the turbo, to maintain oil gallery pressure for the remainder of the engine.

The new bolt (Peugeot part number 1164 46) has a specially shaped "Nose" on the end of it, so this possibly this creates any necessary flow control.

I'm reluctant to ask a main dealer for advice as they probably either wont know or just wont tell me incase of any reprisals for possible resulting engine damage. The other thought I had was that possibly any flow control may be provided by the union bolt at the turbo end of the feed pipe. Perhaps I should change them both as they could have had a design change there too.

Anyone know the answer to this problem? Your help would be appreciated and I thank you in anticipation of your replies.

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