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Peugeot 206 HDi S - 206 HDi Engine Cover mounts - mikec49

It was pointed out at my last service, that the engine cover mounts needed replacing, but the garage charge including labour was £46!

I looked online and unsurprisingly you can pick the bolts up for about £4 each, so thats like £30 labour, for what I can only see as a 5min job.

So why am I posting?

Well, I found 3 bolts in the engine, these were in line with the rubber mounts that were left in the cover,I removed them with a socket and replaced with the new ones I'd brought, so far so good, but the one to the right of the dipstick appears to have nowhere to screw into, has something fell off?

I'll attach pics on flikr,

Are there any mechanics on these forums who could let me know what threaded bit is needed for me to screw in the 4th cover mount?

Tags: technical issues brakes consumer rights maintenance and servicing

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