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citroen berlingo 1.9d - fault code p0170 - junkyarddog

hi.... im in need of help before i go into meltdown...... i have bought a 2004 1.9d van and the thing wont start. the fault finder has given me the code p0170 which from what i can see could be 1 of many things..... my machine is saying INJECTION BEGIN CONTROL.... does anyone know what this means..... CHEERS

Tags: technical issues starting vans legal and consumer advice

citroen berlingo 1.9d - fault code p0170 - dieselnut

I think this will be refering to the start of injection coil located on one of the fuel injectors, injector 4 I believe. Unplug it from the loom & check its resistance with a meter, should show about 1000 ohms at a guess. It detects when the injector opens & is used by the ECU to make a fine adjustment to the injection timing.

Wouldn't have thought it would have stopped it from running though.

Check the glow plugs & that you have fuel getting to the pump ok.

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