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Peugeot 206 1.4 HDI - Has 1.4HDI crankshaft pulley been updated? - scole01234
I have just got a new crankshaft pulley off ebay, it states it is a genuine Peugeot 0515 V7 which is correct for my car but they look different, have peugeot updated the design or have I been robbed. I have attached pictures. Any advice would be great.


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<*** title="p1020239.jpg" alt="p1020239.jpg" class="thumbnail" src="http://www.peugeotforums.com/forums/attachments/206-35/1354d1312050856t-has-1-4hdi-crankshaft-pulley-been-updated-p1020239.jpg" border="0" /> <*** title="p1020238.jpg" alt="p1020238.jpg" class="thumbnail" src="http://www.peugeotforums.com/forums/attachments/206-35/1355d1312050923t-has-1-4hdi-crankshaft-pulley-been-updated-p1020238.jpg" border="0" />

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