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peugeot 307 - Depollution system oxygen sensor fault - SHS

Any feedback gratefully received!

depollution system faulty indicator on most of the time, occassionally goes off for a few days. Tried bottle of forte, went off for a while then back on. Computer diagnostics:

permanent fault. Upstream oxygen sensor open circuit

permanent fault fan assembly high speed command fault (hand written "this is working at present")

Intermittent fault upstream oxygen sensor heating command

Car drives same as always, noloss of power / acceleration, but garage say the mix will be wrong if sensor not working.

Before we pay £255 to replace the oxygen sensor, is there anything obvious we should check that might affect this? Car done 60K, ours from new and in good nick.

Tags: technical issues electrical faults electrics

peugeot 307 - Depollution system oxygen sensor fault - Laurance

depollution system faulty indicator on means your vehicle's computer has determined that a component or system in your emission control system is not working properly.When the light comes on, one or more diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) are stored in the engine control module. These DTCs remain even if the light goes out. so, usually, I guess you get a tester tool to read out the fault code, and maybe clear them before you replace the oxygen sensor. As for which scan tool to get, it depends on your skills and your car's model and year. If you can do it by yourself, I suggest you get a trouble code reader, if not, just turn on technicans. good luck!

peugeot 307 - Depollution system oxygen sensor fault - Collos25

You need a program called "Planet" no other program works properly with Peugeot


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