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vauxhall combo 1.7 di diesel - van will not start when its warm - scotte990

Hi all my problem is my 2004 vauxhall combo diesel van its done 111.000miles and will start fine first thing in the morning but when its been running and got warm it will not start untill after about an hour and half then it will start after a few turns. I took it to a mechanic a few weeks ago( if he realy was) he had it for over two weeks(i know pi** taker) i was fuming he then phone me and said the problem was inside the engine and it will be cheaper to put a new engine in because he thinks its the rings. it does not smoke when its running at tickover and drive fine when its running and does not cut out. this is what he said he had done.(if he did)

Took the injectors off - he said these where ok

checked fuel pump pressure - he said was ok

comppression test - was not that good on start and really low when its warm

thanks in advance.

Tags: technical issues starting starting problems damaged engine

vauxhall combo 1.7 di diesel - van will not start when its warm - Englishbullterrier

Even though it's a Ford diesel threade, it's worth a read from post entry number 8.

I had exactly the same issue.......ebt


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