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Mondeo - Tyre pressures - RHKAAF

Should I inflate my tyre pressures when they drop by 10 PSI on a cold day. The manual says to check pressures when cold but they change from a warm day to a much colder one as we have had recently. Tomorrow may be warmer and the tyres will be overinflated.


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Mondeo - Tyre pressures - tdc

Are you talking about the difference between -17C we had in places this winter and the +10C we`ve had recently?

Never noticed that much difference in less extreme conditions,road tyres don`t get hot as do race tyres which you wouldn`t be able to touch after being run.I thought difference between a cold tyre and a run tyre was normally only a matter of 2 or 3psi for the average saloon not driven in anger?Has your cat learnt to use a foot-pump....they can be sneaky? ;)

From your script it sounds as if you have mistaken the manual`s "check when cold" for the weather rather than status of your tyres!

Inflate them today as per owners manual,check regularly when tyres are cold,ie not just after you`ve stopped but after a cuppa and don`t worry if they go up slightly,just add if they loose some.

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