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I own a '57 plate Ford Focus 1.6TDCi Ghia (pre-facelift), bought second-hand and unfortunately fitted with unneccesary 17" alloys. I am considering buying some steel wheels for use with winter tyres but am unsure whether the 15" wheels will fit (my preference).

This model would have had 16" wheels as standard and is fitted with 278mm front brake discs, where the models with 15" rims as standard (1.4 petrol) has 257mm front discs. I'm hoping that the 15" would still fit my car, since they seem to have masses of clearance, but is that the case?

Has anybody tried this? Will 15" wheels go on, or will they foul the front calipers?

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Ford Focus - Smaller wheels for winter tyres - Rich320d

I imagine they might be a tight fit, you could have problems with stones getting trapped between the wheel and caliper.

Also you need to consider that for insurance purposes you need to stick to the recommended wheel/tyre sizes for your car, or its treated as a modification.

Check your car handbook and tyre pressure sticker for the recommended tyre/wheel sizes for your car, 16" might be better.

www.mytyres.co.uk supply steel wheels with winter tyres, just use the model selector to get the right type.


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