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Nissan Almera - Nissan Almera engine management light on - usman16


Today i was driving my nissan almera (03 reg, with 69000 on clock) for 2 hrs on motorway and when i left the motor way and came to traffic lights to stop i found car revs going very down nearly at zero but then it goes up to its origional pt (pt where they r used to b starting the car). It did that at 3 or 4 times whenever it comes to stop...but after that it started driving fine only for couple of miles and then suddenly engine management came on...... Car is still driving fine with no revs going up and down.....and no loss of power...

I got worried because i heard expensive work associated with engine light....i just had this car less then one month...

can any one please advise me what to do???.....secondly is it ook to drive it like this???


Tags: technical issues used cars

Nissan Almera - Nissan Almera engine management light on - usman16

sorry i forgot to mention engine size...its 1.5 S

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