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Vauxhall Vectra C 1.8 VVT - Cam belt change - hot dry climate - sb01

Hello Knowledgeable Ones

Today I took my Vectra 1.8VVT (Z1.8XER engine) to the local Opel dealership in Cyprus for a service. They have told me that the cam belt needs to be replaced at the next service - 59,000 miles (now on 49,000 miles). I owned the car in England from new (Dec 2006) until November 2009, and has been in Cyprus ever since. Opel dealer also suggests oil changes (GM approved fully synthetic oil) every 5000 miles. My service book recommends oil changes every 20,000 miles / 1 year, and a cam belt change every 100,000 miles / 10 years. Will the warmer, dustier and drier climate really have an impact on the life of a cam belt? And if so, how much of an impact? Or is the Opel dealership just feeling the recession?

Thanks in advance for all of the knowledge!

Tags: owning maintenance and servicing cam belts cam belt timing belt

Vauxhall Vectra C 1.8 VVT - Cam belt change - hot dry climate - Collos25

It may be warm a dry in Cyprus but it also has very high humidity at night which will combined with the other conditions make it a lot different from the UK.Surely there is an official Opel agents on the island to ask ,but it is better to be safe than sorry .

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