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KIA Sportage - Water in Fuel Filter Light occaisonally comes on - paradox

I drive a 2007 2.0 diesel Sportage. 5000 miles / 4 months ago the water in fuel filter light started coming on occaisionally. I took it to the dealer who drained the fuel filter (he said he could tell whether there was water in it or not). This didn't make any difference to the regularity in which the light comes on. It generally stays on for 15-20 seconds after starting (from either hot or cold) and very occasionally comes on while driving. A couple of times there has been a slight loss of power when it comes on.

Some old threads mention this but nothing in the last few years. Is it worth having th filter/ sensor changed or is it just a nuance which isn't worth bothering about?

Tags: technical issues warning lights loss of power engine problem electrical faults

KIA Sportage - Water in Fuel Filter Light occaisonally comes on - gordonbennet

Drain the filter housing (should be a drain tap, connect a thin pipe) into a glass then remove the filter and phsically examine the filter bowl for water and staining.

If there's no water at the bottom of the glass or filter bowl it's possible the sensor presumably a float is stuck, you might be able to free it off.

If all seems ok with no evidence of water then it's your decision whether to renew the sensor.

Edit, the garage should have been able to tell you if there was water in the fuel filter by looking at the drainings.

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