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MkII - Mondeo central locking problem - omega3

new to forum, need some help with my mk2 mondeo,

the drivers door central locking does not work. (it works if i turn key in passinger door, I mean the solenoids operate in all doors inc the drivers side )

I have sprayed the key hole with wD etc, did help for a short while, but was short lived

also the key fob does not work, battery ok, led comes on ( is radio frequency type, and it seems to re-program ok, is it the receiver unit ?)

I would be happy initially to get the door mech working on the drivers side , then tackle, the remote fob issue,

all advice appreciated

thanks in advance

Tags: technical issues keys keyfob electrics central locking

MkII - Mondeo central locking problem - likerocks

don't know if this helps, but good background info about the locking and alarm on these:


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