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skoda superb - problems after repairs - concrete

A tricky one for our superlative LucyBC. Recently through insurance my car had two new offside doors and full side respray. The car looks great, no complaints. However when collecting it and switching the engine on the computer flashed up a lights failure warning. I checked all the lights, perfect working order. This was Friday at 4pm and we were going away for the weekend, so I thought I would go ahead and maybe the glich would cease. No such luck. It is so annoying. After about 10 days I had to return the car to have the new doors adjusted. I told them of the lights failure problem and they said they would check it out. Upon collecting the car the problem was still there. They said they had checked all the lighting connections which are sound so they could not fix the problem. They offered to book it into a main dealer for a diagnostic check, but if that indicated the fault was not of their making I would have to pay for it all. Stalemate. I said for them to go ahead and book it in and we would see. So far they have not done anything for over 2 weeks. I am a bit miffed though. I need to return the car again to have a door gaiter refitted and would like to confront them again, but I need to know where I stand. I don't see how a computer diagnostic check can reveal who caused the problem. I suspect the check will simply reveal an electronic glich. I also think the car should be returned to me in the same operational state as they received it. The local main dealer tells me that if the battery is disconnected, the terminals touched together, then the battery reconnected this usually resets the computer. I am not in a position to do this, but the repairers are, Surely they should find this information for themselves and not fob me off to a main dealer. Comment please. Concrete

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skoda superb - problems after repairs - LucyBC
If the car went in for repairs and came out with a fault then the chances are it resulted from some action on their part and they should resolve it. Bodyshops (and some mechanics) handling a range of vehicles inevitably cannot come to know all the foibles of a particular marque and so are probably puzzled by the problem. Pass on the information re the battery trick and see if it works next time you are in there.

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