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Vauxhall Corsa B - starting problems - smed706

hi all my P reg 1.4 8v ohc single point injection corsa refuses to start and i must stress i bought this car as a cat d stolen recovered off the blue cycle auction site which im sure many of you have heard of anyway i was given only the spare key but the ignition barrel and housing have been as good as destroyed . right i have wired the igition so the dash lights come on but the engine management light flashed constantly. again with a bit of technical wiring re-arangeing i have managed to achieve a steady engine management light but the fuel pump isn't working. i put some petrol directly into the carb and fired it up and it ran until petrol in the carb ran out so i no its not electrically immobilised (i think anyway) so i have bypassed the fuel pump and put it on a switch and it hums when turned on but she still refuses to fire up any ideas peeps pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaasse thanks in advance petrol heads hope to here from you soon cheers

Tags: technical issues engine management starting problem starting problems starting


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