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Peugeot 306 1.6 petrol - fuel pump problem - serato

The engine turns over spark plugs are working, but the fuel pump is not I removed the relay on the ecu box and was able to get the fuel pump working that way by shorting 2 pins but after buying a new relay the pump still won't work.

After pulling up the rear seat on the drivers side I noticed it has been leaking water as the foam is very damp under the seat at the fuel tank.

Question is if its not the relay in the engine bay and I can hear the other relay clicking when I turn the key, what could it be? I'm thinking something has shorted somewhere but I'm still quite confused as to how I could get the fuel pump running by shorting out the terminals on the relay plug?

Tags: technical issues starting fuel pumps engine problem

Peugeot 306 1.6 petrol - fuel pump problem - chickenwing

Please let me know if you found a solution to this as I have the exact same problem.

I traced the wiring using a wiring diagram and multimeter and found that the relay coil isn't getting an earth feed from pin 3 of the ecu.


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