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Nissan Micra K11 1994 M reg - windscreen washer fluid not coming out - JD69

Hi, we have a nissan micra.

Recently when you pull the wiper lever to make the fluid squirt out onto the windscreen it no longer does it.

I listened and it does not make any noise, so I think maybe it is a problem with the fuse, pump, electrics, washer lever switch?

Any ideas how to go about fixing it? What should I check in which order and how?

I dont have any manuals so not sure where any of the bits are.



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Nissan Micra K11 1994 M reg - windscreen washer fluid not coming out - Railroad.

Usually (but not always) the washers are protected by the same fuse as the wipers, so if the wipers work I would presume the fuse has not blown. Can you hear the washer pump motor going? If so the jets may be blocked. If not you need to check for a power supply at the motor when the switch is operated. Does the car have a rear wash/wipe? And does the rear washer have a seperate bottle and motor or does one motor do both? Does the rear washer work if it's operated from the same motor. Answers to these questions should narrow your fault finding right down......

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